The three friends and James gaming group

The case of the marsh Tiara

John Smith – Soldier.
Mary Boldhart – Author.
“Evelin” – Lady of leisure.

John and Mary recieved a letter from Andrew Nelson the Head of medieval metaphysics at the Miskatonic university, he had hired them to assist in seeking out an artifact that had recently been stolen from the newburyport historical centre, they were given full access to the miskatonics library and private collection of occult works, Mary and John then found a replica copy of the necronomicon and stole it from the library. Later they were given overnight lodgings at Witch house at the expenses of the university and met Evelin who had left home before she was roped into an arranged marriage and is now living in arkham in witch house with compliments to Andrew Nelson who is a family friend.

The next day they all geared up and took the train to dunwich and transfered at dunwich to newburyport where they went to investigate the robbery, John used his military badge to gain access to the crime scene and they discovered puddles of non-evaporating goo which are not unlike that of slug/snail mucus they then discovered that the trail led out the back room into the alleyway where the trail ended at a wall. They also discovered a glass jar containing a dark power left behind by the robber.

They proceeded to spend the day shopping and transferring savings from their accounts and stayed in newburyport for 3 days in which time they discovered that the jar with the dark energy in it was an animiculi which abhorently disliked Evelin for unknown reasons. Mary ran some experiments on the jar with the necronomicon and found it to be written about in very vague detail.

After transfers were recieved they then called for assistance of Andrew Nelsons personal driver and made him drive all the way to newburyport and then to innsmouth where he waited in the car while the group explored, they first explored the house of the Marsh family only findin a map to a door into the basement of the esoteric order of dagon hall, they then checked the Gillman house bed and breakfast and found a deep one/human hybrid dressed in human clothing which they dispatched of, they then went to the pent house suite and discovered after some searching a letter from Robert Olmstead speaking about his journey to the underwater home of the deep ones.

They then plucked up the courage to access the esoteric order and dispatched of 3 deep one hybrids and on the ground floor in the main worship hall another 4. they then captured the tiara and also found 2 alien devices completely unknown to the players. They finalised the game with an apt return to Arkham and gave the tiara to the university for the sum of $20,000.

Thus ends the self written tutorial campaign for beginner players “The Case of the Marsh Tiara”.



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