Imp inside the jar: Animiculi

A sealed Alembic that holds a strange dark presence


Imp inside the Jar: Animiculi.

This creature shows itself as a small shapeless form inside a wax sealed jar, it has one reddish brown cyclopean eye and a mouth, whenever you look at it, it seems to give a large mischeiveous grin. It will bargain for its freedom but there are reasons why it is wax sealed it can also be easily tricked into giving out its knowledge and will even comply with your questions if asked nicely. Though this dark gift is beneficial whoever asks the question will have to perform a sanity roll. This creature fears one of your investigators but is too scared to tell you who it is. This item will be used for the GM to convey tips and knowledge without breaking game immersion and is supposed to be used as a last resort item because it will cost you sanity to speak to it. that way it cannot be abused through the game.


Imp inside the jar: Animiculi

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